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Krutitskoye podvorye, Moscow

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Krutitskoye podvorye is located in Tagansky district in Moscow, not very far away from ‘Proletarskaya’ metro station, close to the Moscow River. It seems that this place turns you back in time because inside it looks totally like another era, especially in summer when the leaves are green and there is a lot of blossoming. ‘Podvorye’ is a complex of different types of church buildings, like churches, cathedrals, monastery, hambers, and wooden houses dated back to 19th century, as well. From 1991 it has been also served the Patriarchal Metochion. Krutitskoye Podvorye, or just Krutitsy, is really very old, it was established in the 13th century. Krutitsy were built on the left bank of Moscow river, which is really very steep, that’s why this area is called Krutitsy — ‘krutoy’ means ‘steep’. Krutitskoye Podvorye has its own great history. Many centuries ago it was surrounded with water from three sides. This area is unique for the fact that close to it another two ancient monasteries are located. They are Novospassky and Simonov monasteries. During the Soviet era podvorye was closed, and the buildings were occupied by military forces. When Krutitskoye podvorye was given back to the Russian Orthodox Church in 1991, restoration began. Now it’s almost a hidden gem located in the city center, near the old Zamoskvorechye district, where visitors can feel old Russian spirit, and almost to travel in time.