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Day tours and excursions in Saint Petersburg

A relatively young city, St. Petersburg was founded in 1703, and has been playing key role in the history of Russia ever since. Our sightseeing tour will acquaint you with the main architectural and historical monuments of Saint Petersburg. You will

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One of the largest museums in the world, the State Hermitage occupies six magnificent buildings situated along the embankment of the Neva River. It would take 15 years to see all the exhibits treasured in the Hermitage. We suggest you to admire the g

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We invite you to learn more about one of the most picturesque suburbs of St. Petersburg, the town of Pushkin named after a famous Russian poet, also know as Tsarskoye Selo (tsars’ village literally). The Catherine Park, an inseparable part of the ens

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We invite you to see one of the best known suburbs of St. Petersburg, Peterhof or Petrodvorets. This gem of Russian 18-19 century architecture used to be the favourite and most beautiful summer residence of the Royal family. The world-famous palace,

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Proudly called an open-air museum itself, the city of St. Petersburg hosts more than 300 museums dedicated to various spheres of life. Visit one of its jewels – the State Russian Museum that boasts the richest collection of Russian art featuring item

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Yusupov Palace and its marvellous expositions reflect the refined luxury and splendor of high life, as well as human relations of a rich aristocratic family. You will visit one of the most mysterious and beautiful palaces that used to belong to Yusu

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Saint-Petersburg is often referred to as Venice of the North. Like the Italian city, the Northern capital of Russia boasts wondrous architecture, splendid museums and vibrant lifestyle. Born from the sea foam and specifically designed as a gateway of

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The Nikolaevsky Palace constructed in the middle of XVIII cent. originally served as a residence of Emperor Nicolas I’s son, Grand Duke Nicolas. Today the classic building preserving the memory of the city history has been carefully restored and regu

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Get a glimpse of what St. Petersburg looked like more than 300 years ago during our 4-hour city tour with a visit to Peter and Paul’s fortress. Our City Tour provides a unique opportunity to get familiar with one of the most beautiful cities in Euro

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Explore one of Europe’s most beautiful cities and visit one of its most picturesque sights. You’ll see magnificent Nevsky Prospect, beautiful views of rivers, channels and bridges of “Venice of the North”, marvelous cathedrals, splendid palaces of t

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Do not miss your chance to get a first glance at the stronghold of Empire ambiance, the royal city of St. Peterburg. During our city tour you will have a look at its prominent sights and monuments, elegant ships cruising under massive brigdes of Neva

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St. Petersburg occupies the first place in Russia and one of the leading places in the world for the number of bridges. The elegance of the draw bridges can be compared only to the beauty of the city architectural ensembles. The bridges of St. Peter

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Take the mind-blowing night river tour of St. Petersburg, and you may tell everyone back home you’ve seen all in life! The most picturesque time for such a trip is, of course, the white nights when evening dusk fuses with the morning twilight, and th

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We suggest that you take a guided tour of St. Petersburg magnificent suburbs. Pavlovsk is a town located 26 kilometers to the south of St. Petersburg. Dating from the late 18th to the 19th century, it used to be a summer residence of the Russian em

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After a 27-km drive through the suburbs of St. Petersburg you’ll reach Pavlovsk, a former summer residence of the Russian tsars in the 18th-19th centuries. Take an exciting tour of the marvellous palace with its classical interiors giving you a uniq

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During this tour you will compare the two official royal residences: Pushkin, one of the earliest royal estates, and Pavlovsk, one of the latest, make a lovely combination! Just half-an-hour drive, and you get to the most spectacular of St.Petersbur

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Veliky (The Great) Novgorod is commonly known as the “cradle of Russia”. The first reference to Novgorod appears in ancient Russian chronicle in 859, so the city is at least 300 years older than Moscow. Long before St. Petersburg became famous as the

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Even though Saint Petersburg becomes the most popular touristic attration in summer time, there are plenty of winter activities as well! You will have an unforgettable experience during your stay in Christmas and New Year holidays: light of the night

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This exclusive winter tour is made specially for those who is longing for adventurous and active winter holidays. Firstly, we will take you to Peterhof, the former summer residence of Royal Family. You will enjoy the spacious and airy room of the Pal

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Restaurant and museum complex of Russian vodka is located in the historical center of St. Petersburg near St. Isaac's Square. The atmosphere of the museum allows you to experience the diversity of Russian culture, history and traditions of drinking.

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We offer you to visit a more than seven hundred years history town of Vyborg. It is an unique example of ancient stone architecture of the Europe of the Middle Ages. During the tour you will walk along the beautifu; medieval streets and enjoy stunnin

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«RUSSIAN MUSIC SEASONS» is a chamber concert of Russian classical music masterpieces in unique Palaces of St Petersburg. You will hear an incredible collection of Russian and world famous classical musical masterpieces recognized by ti

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The Faberge eggs are the extraordinary standard of the jeweller’s art. For their creation, only precious materials, such as gold, silver, diamonds, pearls, rubies, velvet, suede, and rock crystals, were used. The very first exhibit, which is offered

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We invite you to enjoy one of the most picturesque parks in Europe — Pavlovsk. Take an exciting tour of the marvellous palace with its classical interiors giving you a unique opportunity to see the works of the most influential architects of t

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Grand Maket Russia is a model layout of Russia made with a great creative approach. This is not an accurate map and preciseness is not the feature. This layout is more a game for all visitors with interactive scenes from everyday life of the citizens

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