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City tour of Vladimir

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City photos City tour of Vladimir
City photos City tour of Vladimir
City photos City tour of Vladimir
City photos City tour of Vladimir
City photos City tour of Vladimir

Duration: 3 hours

Cities: Vladimir

Vladimir is a very old Russian city and one the Russia Golden Ring cities. The city situated on the high bank of the Klyazma river amazes with its size and beauty, magnificent golden-domed churches and buildings. A huge number of the architectural monuments in the city made it one of the largest tourist destinations of Russia.
Vladimir city tour consists of sightseeing of such place as Golden Gate - the symbol of the city. Long time ago the gate was an entrance to the city but nowadays it is a center of Vladimir. Recently renovated, they will tell you history of Vladimir.
During city tour you'll also visit the Dmitrievsky Cathedral and the Uspensky Cathedral. They were founded in th 12th century and resisted Tatar-Mongol invasion. For the last 30 years the Dmitrievsky Cathedral was closed for visits but today you can enjoy the magnificence of the Cathedral not only from outside, but from the inside too.
The Uspensky Cathedral is very beautiful. Its splendid golden domes and high belltower are seen from a distance. Inside of it you'll see the walls covered with frescoes of great Russian icon-painters.
You'll find the largest museum of Vladimir - The Chamber - just near cathedrals. Here you'll have an opportunity to watch exhibitions of Vladimir's painters, to know the history of children toys and wrinting,
peasants' mode of life.

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