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Monastery of St. Cyril on the White Lake

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City photos Monastery of St. Cyril on the White Lake
City photos Monastery of St. Cyril on the White Lake
City photos Monastery of St. Cyril on the White Lake

Duration: 3 hours

Cities: Goritsy

Cyril-Belozersky monastery (Monastery of St. Cyril on the White Lake) is located 8 km from the village of Goritsy Vologda region. In the past, it was the second largest and most important monastery of Russia; today it is part of the Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve.
The founder of the monastery is considered to be the monk Kirill from the Simonov Monastery in Moscow. In 1397, he and his companion Ferapont built dugout and put a wooden cross in a secluded place near the Lake Siverskoye. Rumors of a godly Cyril and his miracles attracted more monks in these places. Thus began the Cyril-Belozersky monastery. The monastery has been intensively developed and the XVI century was the largest feudal landowners, who owned extensive land holdings, salt and fisheries.
In the XV-XVII centuries Cyril-Belozersky monastery - the spiritual and cultural center of the Russian North. Within the walls of the monastery was one of the most important libraries in Russia that was holding many rare manuscripts and chronicles, the school has evolved spiritual songs, with talented painters, carvers.
Guests of the monastery were not only pilgrims from all over Russia, but also the Russian tsars (Basil II «The Dark", Vasily III, Ivan the Terrible, Peter I), and members of the nobility. Ivan the Terrible, throughout his life generously bestowed upon the monastery, believing himself obliged him to his birth.



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