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Museum of Icons

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City photos Museum of Icons
City photos Museum of Icons
City photos Museum of Icons
City photos Museum of Icons

Duration: 3 hours

Cities: Goritsy

Museum of icons is located nerby the Church of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin. Up to now iconostasis of the Assumption Cathedral is almost completely preserved there. Unfortunately, the old icons of the iconostasis are now fragmented. Out of the 60 existing peaces 33 icons are in Kirillov, and the rest - in the Russian Museum, the Tretyakov Gallery and the Museum of Andrei Rublev. In the museum there are several icons of Dionysius of Ferapontov monastery. In addition to the icons in the museum you may admire the works of the "silver" sewing. Also you can see a wooden cross made by Cyril himself. Surprisingly an extensive library of the monastery has survived as well - in 15-17 centuries it was one of the largest in ancient Russia, according to the 17th century, there were stored 1897 books.



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