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Russian train tickets

The easiest and fastest way to book an interurban or international train ticket (Russia-Finland; Russia-Latvia) is online. That way you may save time waiting for the ticket to be delivered by usual post. After having booked the ticket you will receive it by e-mail.

The receipt you got sent by e-mail after the booking process is an electronic ticket which needs to be printed out. For several trains it is important to exchange the electronic ticket right at the train station. On some you may do an online Check-in and passengers may use only the electronic ticket for boarding (no ticket exchange at the train station).

In some cases only paper tickets are allowed. It is usual in international trains. 


Usual Paper tickets

Electronic tickets are mostly not allowed in international trains (except for connections Russia-Finland; Russia-Latvia). You may get your paper ticket at a ticket-office.  These special trains are designated on our website with a sign.

Please note that there will come up extra costs for post delivery added to the ticket price. Of course you have the chance to avoid these extra costs by picking up the tickets at our offices in Saint Petersburg and Moscow.

Electronic tickets

If your train allows an online Check-In you only need to print out the ticket which you received from us by e-mail. You don’t need to exchange it at the train station.  You only need to show the printed invoice document and your passport while boarding. If you have several choices we recommend to use the online Check-In (electronic registration) because it is the easiest way. Trains supporting the electronic registration are designated on our website with a blue E-Registration sign.


You can also book trains without e-registration. It is also a very easy process and you would just need to exchange your e-ticket, sent from us by e-mail, at the train station for a paper ticket before getting into the train. This exchange is possible at any train station from which you want to take your ride. We recommend to allow extra time because there might be some time of waiting at the ticket offices. The exchange can be done at the railway ticket offices signed with “@” or at Self-service terminals.


How to use the self-service terminal:

1. select at the home screen “Print prepaid tickets”

2. Please type in the data which is requested (name, order number etc.) and click on “request”. You can use a barcode scanner to enter your booking number.

3. You can now see all details of your ride and either confirm it or abandon it. If you want to confirm, just click “ print out” and you will receive your documents.