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  In the 18th century Russian emperor Peter the Great opened a window to the West. In the 21st century VisitRussia agency unveils the mysteries of the vast wondrous land we call our home. The goal of our company is to push the boundaries of perception, to show all the shades of Russia’s multifaceted culture: from Moscow and St. Petersburg to Sochi and Vladivostok, covering thousands of miles and a thousand-year history. We break stereotypes. We prove that Russia is far more than the sum of its clichéd symbols. We discover hidden gems that no one else finds.


  VisitRussia agency has the story of its own. The story of growth and success, of beating the rivals in each and every aspect. We set up what seems to be impossible challenges just to overcome them with ease. The word “no” is absent from our lexicon. The wish of the client is an indisputable rule for us. Our tours are fully customizable and completely flexible. We modify them in order to correspond with individual demands of every single person. We help not simply to visit Russia, but to understand its very nature, to feel yourself Russian.


  VisitRussia agency offers the full spectrum of highly professional services for leisure and business travelers alike. Having more than 10 years of experience as a certified tour operator combined with a team of motivated and dedicated professionals up our sleeve, the clients can be 100% sure that everything will run like clockwork. Arranging memorable sightseeing tours and multi-day conferences, providing visa support and air/railway/theater tickets, hiring the best guides and interpreters – every task will be solved in the most proficient way possible.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit Russia with! Contact us now! Ltd. is accredited by the Federal Agency of Tourism of the Russian Federation and included in the Federal Register of Tour Operators with the reference number РТО 011766.



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