GUM (department store)

GUM is a Russian abbreviation for the State Department Store. It is a large trade center in the center of Moscow, which occupies a whole block of Kitay-Gorod district and faces Red Square. It's a federal monument of architecture built in 1893 by architect Pomerancev and engineer Shuhov.

This giant three-floor building consists of 3 long passages with a deep basement. Each of the passages has a glass roof with the support of steel arches. In addition, there are three big halls.

Nowadays GUM is a trade center and a museum at the same time. It's one of the largest trade centers in Europe. There are more than a thousand different shops, but you don't have to buy anything here if you don't want, but can just take a walk exploring wide passages and enjoying beautiful interiors. Loads of plants make you think you're inside a garden with small trees and bright flowers. Inside GUM you can sit near the fountain, visit shops, cafes, different exhibitions, and presentations that are held here on a regular basis.

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