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Church of the Nativity of Christ, Moscow

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After victory in the Battle of Kulikovo, Prince Dmitry Donskoy ordered to build the Church of the Nativity of Christ in place of the military council, where a battle plan was drawn up. The stone Church of the Nativity of Christ was built in 1598-1599 in the village of Besedy by the Godunovs. The brick hipped roof of the church, decorated with attics and barrels, is crowned  with a small dome and an eight gilded cross on a half-moon. The church has four altars. In addition to the main altar consecrated in honor of the birth of Christ, the Holy Virgin Chapel, the Chapel of St. Prophet Elijah and the lower Chapel in honor of the Miraculous Icon of the Mother of God «Joy of All Who Grieve». Under the altar of the chapel in the name of the prophet Elijah, there is a spring. There are built a chapel and a bathhouse in the name of the prophet Elijah at the church. In 1646, Besedy became the palace village. In 1765, Catherine II granted it to Count Alexei Orlov-Chesmensky. In the 1930s, the church was closed and its lower rooms were turned into a vegetable store. In 1943, the Church of the Nativity of Christ was returned to believers. Recently the church was restored by parishioners. There was constructed the Chapel of the Prophet Elijah on healing spring.