Quick facts about Smolensk

  • Area

    166,35 sq km

  • Location

    Smolensk is a city in Western Russia, an important port on the Dnieper River.

  • Geographic coordinates

    54 79 N, 32 05 E

  • Population

    approx 350,000 (2005 est.)

  • Foundation


  • Climate

    The climate of Smolensk is moderate-continental with a warm summer and cold winter. The average annual temperature is 4,6 degrees above zero. The coldest month is January (-9,4 C), the warmest is July (+17,1 C).

  • UTC/GMT Offset

    UTC/GMT + 3 hours

  • Area code


  • Major attractions

    Kremlin and town walls, Uspensky Cathedral, several 12th-century churches, monuments to Kutuzov and to the composer M. I. Glinka.

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