Quick facts about Volgograd

  • Area

    113,9 sq km (territory of Volgograd Oblast)

  • Location

    Volgograd is located 670 miles southeast of Moscow in the flatland zone between two major Russian rivers — the Volga River and the Don River. The Volgograd Oblast (region) is the largest in the Volga River basin.

  • Geographic coordinates

    48 45 N, 44 30 E

  • Population

    approx 999,000 (2005 est.)

  • Foundation


  • Climate

    The Volgograd region has a sharp continental climate with hot and dry summers and cold winters with light snowfalls. The average summer temperature is +27,7 C, the average winter temperature is — 16 C.

  • UTC/GMT Offset

    UTC/GMT + 3 hours

  • Area code


  • Major attractions

    the Mamayev Hill Memorial, the tallest in the world free standing Mother Russia monument.

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