Boutique hotels are small hotels up with up to 100 rooms; their main perk is luxury accommodation in a unique style. It is pretty typical for them to have no particular star ranking but are considered five or 4-star hotels by default.

Staying in a boutique hotel in Saint Petersburg will add a specific vibe to your trip. What can be more awesome than coming to a unique city and staying at an unusual hotel? Just imagine a city center, a historical building with its deep history, and your room created by the top world designers, rendering their inimitable style. Basically, 'inimitable' is the key concept for boutique hotels: their primary purpose is the individual attention to guests and one-of-a-kind idea of design and atmosphere. So where can you find this all in Saint Petersburg?

Suppose you want to have a truly luxurious holiday but are tired of standard high-end chain hotels of the same tenor. In that case, you can treat yourself with emperor-like accommodation in posh places like The State Hermitage Museum Official Hotel, Taleon Hotel, or Tresini hotel. They all make you feel like you came to a ceremonial reception at the tzar's palace: the old traditional style of the splendid palace reminds you of the 18the century residences of the royal family. Don't be confused by the first place's name: even though the Hermitage hotel is connected with the Hermitage museum and looks like it, they are located in about 15 minutes car ride from each other. Don't miss the breakfast if you stay at one of these places: it is comparable with sizeable festive gala dinners.

If such ultimate emperor's luxuriance seems a little overwhelming to you, try more modest but still excellent places: Rossi Hotel and Spa or Helvetia Hotel. Rossi is located on the Fontanka river embankment and has amazing window views; it offers many SPA services, including traditional Russian steam baths. Helvetia is a small accommodation with only 75 rooms, making it more cozy than glamorous. Its stylish inner yard is a great place to stay after long walks around the city or drink a cup of delicious coffee (one of the best in Saint Petersburg!) in the morning. What is common about these two places? They combine an emperor style with a modern, comfortable design: minimalism with exquisite details like antique chandeliers or stucco.

Are you looking for something extraordinary? We have a solution for you, too. Book a room in Radisson Sonya Hotel, and you will find yourself in the world of Fyodor Dostoyevsky's novel 'Crime and Punishment.' The whole concept is based on this novel, and every corner has a reminiscence of it. If you are in love with Russian literature and not afraid of a little bit of wicked atmosphere, this is your choice. 

The polar opposite of Sonia is Domina Hotel. It is also designed in a very unusual way — but its central idea is the bright colors, each implying some hidden sense. Every floor has a specific color palette that reveals a particular dimension: Romantics, Fantasy, Family, Nature, and Adventure. It sounds completely different from the standard guest rooms, doesn't it?

And what if you prefer contemporary style? Then Wynwood Hotel in the very heart of Saint Petersburg is waiting for you. Inspired by the Wynwood Art District in Miami, Russian designers created a cozy home for tourists in the loft style. The hotel is situated in a historical building, and the indoor design perfectly fits the traditional exterior.

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