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Saint Petersburg Train Tickets

Train routes with Saint Petersburg

Moscow - Saint-Petersburg

Your trip from Moscow to St. Petersburg can take from 4 to almost 12 hours. That’s for you to decide to buy ticket for a fast or night train to travel from official capital of Russia to its “northern capital” and we will do our best to make your trip unforgettable

Saint-Petersburg - Moscow

Railway road from St. Petersburg to Moscow lasts about 650 km (403 miles) and is considered to be one of the oldest railways in Russia. A Part of it from St. Petersburg to Pushkin (Tzarskoe Selo) is a part of UNESCO heritage. Don’t miss you chance to get acquainted with Russian history just by getting a train ticket!

Saint-Petersburg - Helsinki

When travelling from St. Petersburg to Helsinki by Allegro Train or Lev Tolstoy train your trip lasts from 3 to 6 hours only and you skip all the lines at customs. Lev Tolstoy train departs from Moscow and Allegro train goes straight from St. Petersburg to Helsinki without any stops.

Helsinki - Saint-Petersburg

While visiting Helsinki don't miss your chance to admire the views of its Russian neighbor - St. Petersburg. Trains depart every day and that makes your trip very easy to plan. Add some Russian spirit to your European vacation!