Redemeer Church of the Transfiguration On-the-town


The name of Redeemer Church of the Transfiguration On-the-town (1672) may be explained by the fact that in XVII-XVIIIcs.the main trading square of Yaroslavl was situated here. In XIIIc. Some wooden churches stood here. They were burnt and restored many times. The temple was built with the money of tradesmen.

Nave church built near northern wall give some asymmetry to the temple. Building with drums topped with massive bulbs which are higher than the main volume is typical for Yaroslavl temples.

The main curiosity of the building is frescoed. 22 artists painted the church in 1693 under the direction of Lavrenty Sevastyanov, Fyodor Fyodorov, and Ivan Dmitriev. The oldest among them-Lavrenty Sevastyanov painted icons in the church of Fyodor of Yaroslavl together with Gury Nikitin. Lavrenty is the son of famous Yaroslavl craftsman Sevastyan Dmitriev for 40 years working in the Weapons'Chamber of Moscow Kremlin. In 1640 he painted the temple of Nickola Nadein. The team of Sevastyanov got perfect in creating frescoes. This huge temple with all the altars and vestibules was painted for 7 weeks!

In these paintings, definite Yaroslavl style arrives. Its typical feature is dividing walls into narrow tiers. In this church, there are seven tiers. In four upper tiers-earth life of Christ, in fifth and sixth-"The story of Wonder-working cross".The seventh level has ornamental decorations. In the stories of frescoes, there are pictures of simple people, peasants, and their life. For example, queen Elena going Palestina sits in the trolley, and churches she found in Holy Land remind usual peasants' houses.

In 1918 during the revolt Church was hardly injured. Paintings were saved by Baranovsky P.D.

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