Bell-Tower of the Assumption Cathedral in Rostov


The bell tower, topped by four domes, stands on the tall ground floor. The white through the gallery is mounted high above the ground. Over 300 years the tracery arches hold the load of the celebrated Rostov bells cast in the 17th-19th centuries. The total weight of the 13 bells is 74 tons. The biggest (32 tons) is called Sysoy, Poliley weighs 16 tons, Lebed (Swan) - 8 tons.

Each bell has its own chime. The museum stores tuning forks of the late 19th century re-creating the tonalities of the bells.

The bell tower links the Assumption Cathedral with the square where the Metropolitan's homestead stands. To get there from the Cathedral square one has to pass through the Holy Gate and the Church of the Resurrection.

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