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Golden Gate, Vladimir

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Golden Gate (1164) was modeled by Andrei Bogoliubsky on the prototype of the gate in Kiev with the same name in order to annoy arrogant people of Kiev. It represents a monument of Russian fortification architecture of the 12th century. The passage arch was protected by heavy oaken folds plated with sheets of gilded copper. That is how the gate got the name Golden. Near the gate foreign envoys and distinguished guests were met, the inauguration of Alexander Nevsky and the arrival of Dmitri Donskoi were celebrated. The gate was flanked by a bulwark with deep moats outside. A bridge passed over the moat to the gate. From the tower one could get on the wall set on the rampart. The gate had proved its strength and reliability many times. Enemy could never pass into the town by the gate and had to selected less protected parts of the fortress for the break-through. That is what Tartars did in 1238 when they took the town by storm. The gate has gone through many alterations. Researches proved that the most ancient parts of the gate are the wide passage arch with solid battle quadrangular pillars and the machicoulis above them. Nowadays, a military-historical exposition of the museum is opened in the gate church of the Deposition of the Robes of the Holy Virgin.

Excursions with Golden Gate

Vladimir is a very old Russian city and one the Russia Golden Ring cities. The city situated on the high bank of the Klyazma river amazes with its size and beauty, magnificent golden-domed churches and buildings. A huge number of the architectural mo

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