The Golden Gate in Vladimir is one of the pearls in the treasury of the Russian Golden Ring. They were built in 1164 under Prince Andrew Bogolyubsky, who moved the capital of the principality from Suzdal to Vladimir. It was at that time that the city was surrounded by a long rampart and had seven entrance gates. Only the Golden Gate has survived to our times. Once the oak gates were gilded, hence their name, but over time, the plates with a sputtering of precious metal were lost. 

The shape of the gate is interesting: it is a deep semicircular arch with massive fortifications and towers on both sides. The building is made of traditional white stone, bonded with lime, and the vault is made of porous tuff; over the centuries-old history, the walls have deepened 1.5 m into the ground. From the Middle Ages, the stone base of the gate, cast-iron hinges for hinging doors, and a groove for the add-ons were made later.
At the top of the gate, where the church once housed, there is a Museum of Weapons. The exposition presents samples of military shells of our ancestors - arrowheads and spears from the times of the Vladimir principality, captured weapons of the 17-19 centuries, guns and muskets from the era of Catherine II and Napoleon.

The Golden Gate is an original example of the architecture of Ancient Rus, it is included in the program of sightseeing tours around the city. Tourists stop here to admire the architecture, touch the history, make a wish and see the museum.

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