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Assumption Cathedral, Vladimir

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The Assumption Cathedral (1158 - 1160) is a world-famous monument. The white-stone temple was erected by the commission of Andrei Bogoliubsky. After the capital had been transferred from Kiev to Vladimir and the Metropolitan had moved there, the cathedral got the status of the major house of worship in Russia having in its possession the image of the Holy Virgin, the patron icon of Russia. The Assumption Cathedral in Vladimir is taller than the cathedrals of St. Sophia in Kiev and Novgorod. Its height is 32 meters. Its gilded cupolas and the facade, bearing a frieze of arches and columns, emphasize the impressiveness and solemnity. The cathedral of Vladimir was the prototype of the Assumption Cathedral in the Moscow Kremlin. Vladimir's house of worship served as a reliquary for mortal remains of princes and high priests. The bones of Andrei Bogoliubsky, canonized in the 18th century, were laid to rest there. The interior of the cathedral is conspicuous for its exquisiteness and luxury. Ancient chroniclers compared it to the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem. The murals of the cathedral were executed in different periods. Most of them are dated by the late 19th century. The ancient paintings comprise only an insignificant part of the total surface of the frescoes. In 1408 Andrei Rublev and Daniel Cherny painted some frescoes for the cathedral. The representation of "Last Judgment" by Andrei Rublev is the only one relatively intact. The saints, provided with human features, win the viewer's heart by their kindness and gentleness, their figures are graceful and refined. Andrei Rublev painted 83 icons for the Assumption Cathedral. Some of them are on show in the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow and in the Russian Museum of St.-Petersburg. In 1773 the iconostasis was replaced by a new one which still exists. Under the vaults of this cathedral Peter and Alexei of Moscow used to conducted services, in the period of 1917-1922 the future Patriarch Sergius read his sermons there. In the periods of 1952 - 1954 and 1974 - 1982 the cathedral went through a restoration financed by the Russian Orthodox Church. The temple was prepared for its 800th anniversary celebrated in 1989 in Vladimir.

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Vladimir is a very old Russian city and one the Russia Golden Ring cities. The city situated on the high bank of the Klyazma river amazes with its size and beauty, magnificent golden-domed churches and buildings. A huge number of the architectural mo

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