The churches of Zamoskvorechye district


If you want to feel the spirit of genuine Russian culture, you should definitely visit the beautiful street of the Zamoskvorechye area. The name of this area literally means “behind the Moskva-river”. Zamoskvorechye is situated on the other bank of the Moskva river, the opposite side of the Kremlin.

The most famous landmarks of Zamoskvorechye district are its splendid churches: Saint Catherine's Church, Church of live-giving Trinity in Vishnyaki, Church of Saint Clement, Church of Saint Nicholas in Pyzhi, The Church of Icon of Theotokos the Mother of Joy in Sorrow, Church of Resurrection in Kadashi, Church of Saints Mikhail and Fyodor, Martyrs of Chernihiv, Church of Beheading of John the Baptist, Church of Archangel Michael in Ovchinnik, Church of Saint Nicholas in Zayaitskoye, Church of St. George in Yendova and others.

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Saint Catherine's Church

This church was built in honor of holy patroness empress Catherine II and became one of the best examples of Barocco-styled architecture in Moscow.

Church of live-giving Trinity in Vishnyaki

One of the churches the constriction of which was financed by regiments of shooters positioned here. Being elite divisions of the Russian army in the second half of the 17th century, they could afford to build new stone churches instead of wooden ones. This church was completely rebuilt later.

Church of Saint Clement

One of the grandest and the biggest churches of Zamoskvorechye district – sometimes it's even called “a cathedral” because of its size and magnificence. This is a unique church for it has excellently preserved interiors, including gilded iconostasis with icons dating from the 18th century.

Church of Saint Nicholas in Pyzhi

Another example of a shooter's church in the Zamoskvorechye district. But it differs from the Trinity church in Vishnyaki because its exterior has been saved since the 17th century – nowadays the Church of Saint Nicholas in Pizhi looks almost like at the moment it was built.

Church of Beheading of John the Baptist

Church with the bell tower of Beheading of John the Baptist was once center of Ivanovsky Monastery, now it's famous for one of the highest belfries in the city.

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