7 best places in Moscow to try Indian food


Moscow is definitely a city where one can taste practically any national cuisine — and the experience won't be disappointing. Indian food isn't an exception, be it a vegan delight or a more filling meal, served traditionally or in a more adapted way. We are happy to share the experience — please follow our steps!


Mira prospect, 12 bldg.1

Smolenskaya street, 8

That is a mini-chain with a long history in Moscow: the first restaurant was opened here in 1996. Darbars stays true to the cultural roots, both in its interiors and its menu. Here you will enjoy not only the well-known Indian dishes but the ones you may have not even heard of before, as well, all cooked by the highly skilled Indian chefs. Any of the Darbars restaurants is a great choice to get acquainted with the not so common South Indian cuisine.

The motto of Darbars is “The harmony of luxury”, and it speaks for itself. You will feel like a very dear guest on the Indian holiday meal.

02Devi cafe

Miklukho-Maklaya street, 21a

Located at the RUDN University (The Peoples' Friendship University of Russia) campus, Devi cafe is a perfect place for those who favor lightheartedness and vibrant spirit. It may seem not so convenient to get there but that's worth it. Tasty food, pretty reasonable prices, and an easy atmosphere, that's what it's all about. Local Indians value this place, and it goes without saying that the cafe is a hangout for the RUDN students somehow connected with India.

It is probably the great variety of the Indian desserts that sugar coats the educational process. The list of teas includes more than 20 kinds. And make a point of tandoori dishes! This menu section is as long as the Ganges itself.


Kuznetskiy Most street, 11 Zemlyanoy Val street, 24/30 (and 8 more locations all over Moscow)

Jagannath is probably the most famous vegetarian restaurant chain not only in Moscow but from across Russia. Its mission is to provide the guests with wholesome vegetarian yet really delicious food along with the aura of easiness and relaxation. It has all you need to stick to your healthy diet. But do not worry that meatarians won't find here anything suitable: Jagannath offers a wide range of vegetarian dishes imitating the omnivore ones like vegetarian dumplings and tofu nuggets.

Most luckily for you the main restaurant located on Kuznetsky most street hosts a grocery shop allowing to stock up with the vegetarian viands after you've enjoyed your fill.


Yermolayevskiy lane, 7

This is not an Indian restaurant, this not a restaurant at all. This is a traditional Indian eatery, a daba (but the core audience is not only locals — that's what differs Moscow-Delhi from the classic daba concept). Here a guest gets a warm and hearty welcome in a family way: the footwear is to be left in the entrance hall, the food is prepared right before your eyes. Moreover, you can observe the whole process from the oven being fired up to dishes being washed.

Spices and organic products are delivered from India directly. There is no fixed menu and no strict bill but the suggested price for the visit instead that differs for lunch and dinner, each with its meal set. Moscow-Delhi serves vegetarian dishes only.

05Jai Hind

Olimpiyskiy prospect, 18/1

This restaurant, originally hailed from St. Petersburg, has found its place in the Azimut Olympic hotel. That gives guests a bonus: unlike many other places. Jai Hind offers breakfast! And not just your regular continental breakfast but the traditional Indian one. The interior, on the contrary, is simple, clean and more adapted to the European eye. This place is valued by businessmen, any meeting here can be held calmly and positively.

The menu is diversified: you can try vegetarian and non-vegetarian delights both of North Indian and South Indian origin (although South Indian cuisine is the spot's specialty). There is also a really large selection of traditional bread — don't miss your chance to taste.

06Ostorozhno, slon (Beware of the elephant)

Tsvetnoy boulevard, 15 bldg. 1

This spot is a resident of Bricket-market, the trendy food market, and offers typical Indian street food. It can be a great choice for the first encounter with Indian delights: the dishes are adapted to European taste. Ostorozhno, slon is also a popular lunch choice. The team never misses an opportunity to participate in Moscow food events, fairs, and fests (and the city hosts a load of these). The menu is not so vast (in the very beginning there were only 4 dishes), but both vegetarians and carnivores will surely find something delicious they won't be able to resist. Ostorozhno, slon opened its doors not so long ago and is occasionally adding new delights to the list, and among the recent acquisitions are Indian kebabs — each one can be created individually, ingredients chosen according to your own taste.


Shmitovskiy proyezd, 14

Named after the renowned ancient town whose monuments are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Khajuraho establishes a discernible link to the Indian history and time-honored philosophy. It is a unique spot where the meals are cooked following the principles of Ayurveda. Khajuraho is focused on healthy food so all the products that they use here are organic, and the spices and herbs have a positive effect on your health. It is a place highly valued by local Indians noting that here the meals are as Indian as they should be but still perfectly balanced to suit any guest's taste. The guests are encouraged to connect with the magic of times past — and, well, the time for delectable food is now.

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