Trinity Cathedral


Trinity Cathedral is the Orthodox church in Pskov. It is a part of the Pskov Kremlin architectural ensemble and the major tourist and pilgrimage center of Pskov. It is the fourth Pskov Trinity cathedral: the first three buildings seized in fire, so the place we can visit today is a result of 1699 construction, which lasted for almost 17 years since 1682.

The cathedral is built in traditional Moscow Orthodox style. It has five bright golden domes, but the overall image is pretty modest and plain: white walls and unshowy decorations, with the main focus made on the belltower. The initial vision was changed only a little after a reconstruction, so it is an excellent example of ancient Russian architecture.

Among the most valuable sanctuaries, you can see inside the cathedral are the Holy Trinity icon, Chirsk (Pskov) Icon of the Mother of God, Vsevolod-Gavriil, Dovmont, and Nikola Sallos hallows.

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