Russian train types


The different types of trains in Russia are : regular, express, and high-speed. The trains which travel long distances are usually the regular and express trains. It is possible to sleep in those. The Sapsan and the Allegro train are high-speed trains and drive for example St. Petersburg-Moscow (Sapsan) or St. Petersburg-Helsinki (Allegro).

The long-distance trains are separated into three types: first class (SV), second class (Kupe), and third class (Platzkart). In these trains, you will have beds in which you can sleep but some additionally have seating carriages. The difference in the different classes is the number of beds in one enclosed room:

First-class: two beds

Second class: two lower and two upper beds

The third class doesn’t have an enclosed room and has 4 beds.

In the regular and express trains, you can expect modern comfort and high-quality services. Very often these trains possess a restaurant. Besides this, you may order foods or drinks for your seat. In the most modern types of these trains, it is common to have an air-conditioning plant, heating systems, Wifi and a TV. You may order coffee or tea any time you want additionally there are deliveries three times during the ride. The high-quality services also contain pure water, cleaning your sleeping room, and giving information. Each train bears its own name and has its usual route.

Sapsan is a new high-speed train taking the route between Saint Petersburg and Moscow with a speed up to 250 km/h. On the train, you can find two business class carriages, seven economy class carriages, and a boarded restaurant with a total amount of 554 seats. 

The Allegro counts also as an high-speed train which takes daily routes between Saint Petersburg and Helsinki.

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