Free Visa Support


Foreign travelers planning to visit Russia will need a Russian travel visa. It is issued at a Russian Consulate in your country. In order to obtain a visa, you are to present visa support papers to the Consulate.

We will provide free visa support for you if you reserve a hotel or any other services, which include a hotel reservation, through our company.

Please provide us with the following details when you ask for your visa support papers: 

  • Passport number
  • Full name as it is in your passport
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Dates of stay in Russia

After we receive this information, we will send you documents you will have to submit to the Consulate. These documents, which are Confirmation and Hotel Voucher, will contain information on your stay (dates, city, hotel) and information about our company.

Start your trip

When you receive your visa support papers, you will have to send them to the Consulate in your city. Most consulates accept copies sent by fax or email. The Consulate will grant a Russian travel visa for the whole period of your stay. If you have any questions concerning your Russian visa, contact us. We will be pleased to make your trip to Russia most comfortable.

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