Church of All Saints - "Church on the Blood"


Church of All Saints or Church on the Blood is a very important place for Russian Orthodox people and a significant historical site located in Yekaterinburg. This is the place where the Romanov Tsar family was killed in July 1918; at that time, there was no church, and the Romanovs' execution is associated with Ipatiev House. A curious fact: after World War II, the former Ipatiev house served for the anti-religion museum.

The church was built in 2003, and soon it became the primary site of Yekaterinburg; it attracts thousands of pilgrims from Russia and worldwide. In front of the church, there is a monument to the Romanov family, with spiral stairs symbolizing the stairs in Ipatiev's house and reminding of the last minutes of Tsars' family. The interior and outside look modern but the overall style is typical for Orthodox architecture.

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