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Erarta Museum, Saint Petersburg

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City photos Erarta Museum
City photos Erarta Museum
City photos Erarta Museum
City photos Erarta Museum
City photos Erarta Museum
City photos Erarta Museum
Erarta Museum is an ideal place to visit for those who are hungry for Russian contemporary art. With nearly 2800 paintings on display, the museum also features a variety of other types of art, including sculpture, prints, installations, and more. Erarta is the largest privately owned contemporary art museum in Russia. It aims to increase the visibility and acceptance of Russian contemporary art. Erarta prides itself on being visitor-oriented and has created a special environment ensuring a visit that is not only interesting, but also pleasant and comfortable: its state of the art interiors with all signs and texts translated into English, free Wi-Fi coverage across the entire building and friendly English-speaking staff who personify the museum's focus on service and attention to guests have led the NY Times to describe Erarta as a "familiar landscape for international visitors". On leisure and shopping fronts, Erarta building contains an award-winning restaurant with a summer terrace, a café and Erarta Home Stores offering gifts, books, prints, interior décor items, and more. The museum is open from 10:00 to 22:00 every day except Tuesdays. A General Admission Ticket costs 600 rubles. One-Year Membership costs 1000 rubles.

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