Trinity Bridge is one of the 21 draw bridges of St. Petersburg and the second-longest bridge in the city. The Bridge’s length is 528 meters (1732 ft.). It connects Suvorov Square with the Petrogradsky area. The Bridge became a symbolic present to the city for its bicentennial in 1903.

Trinity Bridge is often referred to as a brother of the Eifel Tower due to the common misconception that these two constructions were designed by the famous Gustave Eifel. Although the world-renowned engineer did submit his project to the Russian authorities and his design received a lot of positive reviews, the construction of the bridge was implemented by another French company that provided the Russian government with the most economical project.

During Soviet times, the Bridge was called Kirovsky Bridge after the name of an influential Soviet commissar Sergey Kirov. The bridge was renamed back to Trinity Bridge after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

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