5 Places of the Jewish heritage in Moscow


As a multinational and multiconfessional city in Russia, Moscow becomes a home for many communities and the Moscow Jewish diaspora is considered the largest one in Russia. There are more than 200 thousand members in it and of course, their life could not remain unmarked in the Moscow architectural and cultural heritage.

Jewish landmarks can be found all around Moscow. They include six choral synagogues, 14 Jewish cultural community centers, kosher supermarkets and restaurants, Jewish schools, museums, and memorials. This brief guide is dedicated to the most significant and important sights of the great Jewish heritage in Moscow.

01Old Choral Synagogue

This orthodox Synagogue of the 19th century was restored and remains a significant place of Jewish heritage and a functioning place for the religious people.

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02The Museum of Jewish history

The museum is dedicated to the Jewish history and cultural aspects of their life. Its large collection includes the evidence of all Jewish ethnic groups from Eastern Europe to Central Asia.

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03Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center

The Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center is a modern and the most high-tech object of Jewish culture in Russia.

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04Holocaust memorial synagogue

This memorial is a complex that includes a Synagogue and a museum of the Holocaust.

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05The synagogue on Bolshaya Bronnaya

This is a private Synagogue, functioning from the old times.

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