Velikiy Novgorod Day Tour

Velikiy Novgorod (Novgorod the Great in Russian) is an ancient Russian city, located on the former trade between Russian and Hansa. It was not only the primary Russian marketplace where local craftsmen produced all sorts of goods, but also the main Orthodox center, with multiple churches and monasteries. In the 9th century, Velikiy Novgorod became the first capital of ancient Russia. Today, all the most remarkable architectural, cultural, and artistic heritage is combined into one museum called Historic Monuments of Novgorod and Surroundings. It includes Kremlin, Cathedrals, Vitoslavlitsy museum, Novgorod Historical center, Our Lady of the Sign Monastery, and a range of other monasteries in Novgorod and its suburbs, Nativity of Christ Church in the Field, Church of Our Saviour at Nereditsa, and more. This program involves the visit to the most impressive must-sees for first-time visitors and will be a perfect option to get acquainted with Russian history, architecture, and art.

Arrival. Panoramic City Tour
Novgorod Kremlin
Vitoslavlitsy Museum of Folk Wooden Architecture
Sofia Cathedral

10:00 AM Arrival. Panoramic City Tour


Your guide will meet you at your hotel or the railway station if you arrive by train and want to have a one-day tour with a departure on the same day.

You will start with a panoramic city tour and see Yaroslav's Court, the main square, the cozy streets of the Old Town, and the other sites.

11:00 AM Novgorod Kremlin

ico 1 hour

The main Novgorod's attraction is the Kremlin that remained from 1044. It has multiple churches around its territory and is located on the Wolchow bank. It has a great view. Suppose you ascend one of the Kremlin Towers. In that case, you will see picturesque scenery, so it is a beautiful combination of nature breakaway, historical insight, and a cultural acquaintance with ancient Russia.

12:00 PM Vitoslavlitsy Museum of Folk Wooden Architecture

ico 2 hours

Vitoslavlitsy is a unique open-air museum designed in a style of a genuine Russian traditional wooden village. It is an excellent collection of wooden churches and houses architecture taken from all over the Novgorod region.

02:00 PM Sofia Cathedral

ico 1 hour

Our trip will finish in Sofia Cathedral — the gem of ancient Russian architecture and the oldest cathedral in Russia.

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