Central Armed Forces Museum of Russian Federation


Central Armed Forces Museum of the Russian Federation was established in 1919, and got a new building not so long ago, on May 8, 1965. It is curated by the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation. The idea to establish a museum for celebrating the Russian war force came to its founders when troops of the military leader Anton Ivanovich Denikin were demolished, and the crisis of the Russian Civil War was left behind. It was really a challenge to keep the Central Armed Forces Museum displays safe during Great Patriotic War (1941-1945) but people who worked here used all those things to raise the soldiers’ spirit.

Now exhibits of the museum take 24 halls in the building located on Soviet Army street in the center of Moscow. There are almost a million exhibits there. Among them are battle and trophy flags, photos, documents, military awards and decorations, weapons, and personal belongings of officers, soldiers, and famous commanders. Besides, there is an outside exhibition as well. On the open platform close to Ekaterininsk park (not far away from Olimpiysky sports complex) one can see about 150 units of different kinds of military equipment — artillery, armored, missile, aircraft, marine. There are for example Russian Civil war era tanks, and modern strategic rockets as well.

Central Armed Forces Museum is visited by a million guests a year. The entrance ticket is not expensive. The museum is open from 10 a.m. till 5 p.m. Wednesday to Sunday.

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