The Museum of Great Patriotic War


If you go from Kutuzovsky prospect (Kutuzov Avenue) along the central park alley, you'll come to Victory Square. Here you'll find the Museum of Great Patriotic War. This museum was founded in 1986 and stores nearly 50 thousand exhibits. 385 memory books telling the stories of loss during the War.

The museum collection includes a wide selection of objects of the Great Patriotic War. These are weaponry, regimentals, medals, photographs, and documents. Also, you will find art pieces such as paintings and sculptures, graphics, and posters. The library of museums stores more than 50000 books and issues including rare ones.

Museum holds exhibition called “Road to Victory”. Visitors can see the art gallery, six dioramas of important battles. Also, there's an exhibition of Russian and foreign weaponry and fortifications.

The Banner of Victory is the most valuable exhibit of the Museum; it was raised over the Reichstag in Berlin on the 30th of April of 1945.

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