The Dormition (Uspenskiy) Cathedral (Cathedral of Assumption)


The most famous cathedral on the Kremlin's Cathedral Square, the Uspenskiy Cathedral (Cathedral of Assumption), was built in 1479 by the ingenious Italian architect Aristotel Fioravanti. It has 5 domes, one of them is symbolizing Jesus Christ, and the others – the Four Evangelists. It has a beautiful design and it's worth seeing the Cathedral from each side.

It was the main temple for the crowning of the rulers of Russia (the last ruler who was crowned here in 1886 was Emperor Nikolay II) and also it was used for the election of Patriarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church and Moscow Metropolitans, and for publicizing the acts of government. Also, it's a burial place for Patriarchs of the Russian Orthodox church and Moscow Metropolitans.

The Cathedral was badly damaged by the pillage of french soldiers in 1812 and also in 1917 because of the bombardment of the Kremlin.

Nowadays the Uspenskiy Cathedral is a museum open for everyone, it stores a great collection of icons. Also, you can find prayer places of Russian Rulers and the Monomakhov Throne - luxurious golden seat made especially for great Russian Tsar Ivan IV.

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