The health of the Soviet Leader had become worse in 1923 and after sudden deterioration, Lenin passed away. He died on the 21st of January 1924. Hundreds of thousands of people wanted to say goodbye in grief and suddenly rulers of the country decided to build a Mausoleum for those who couldn't come in time to say goodbye to their Leader.

The wooden building of the Mausoleum had already been ready on the 27th of January. After five years the construction of stone Mausoleum began. It was finished in 1930.

The burial place of Lenin is one of the modern monuments of Russian architecture. Most of the landmarks of the Red Square were built in the 16-19th centuries and the only significant monument on the Red Square that was built in the 20th century is the Mausoleum of Vladimir Ilich Lenin, the leader of the October Revolution and founder of the USSR.

The visitors enter the Mausoleum through the main entrance, go down the left stairway into the mourning hall where lies the body of the Leader in the sarcophagus. The visitors slowly walk around it and leave the hall by going up the right stairway.

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