The Blagoveshenskiy Cathedral (Cathedral of Annunciation)


The magnificent Blagoveshenskiy Cathedral (Cathedral of Annunciation) is situated in the southwest part of Kremlin's Cathedral Square. The Cathedral has nine beautiful golden domes and was ordered to be built in 1484 by Russian Tsar Ivan the Third. Pskov's masons Krivtsov and Mishkin were building it for 5 years and in 1489 the Cathedral was completed.

The Cathedral holds in its splendid iconostasis the oldest masterpieces of traditional Russian icon painting created by the hands of such famous icon-painters like Andrey Rublev and Theophanes the Greek.

The Blagoveshenskiy Cathedral was partly damaged by fire in 1547. Two new domes were added to it in the process of reconstruction.

Once the main church of the Tsar's family, now it stays reminding about the glorious past of the Russian State. After the revolution in 1918, the Cathedral closed its doors as a church and now it is working as a museum.

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