Suburbs of Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg is traditionally regarded as the cultural capital of Russia. It remains the heritage of the emperor's times and is mainly famous for its architectural ensembles, cathedrals, palaces, bridges, and monuments, located in the city and its suburbs. The suburbs of Saint Petersburg attracted the Tsar family: they built their summer residences in Pavlovsk, Gatchina, Pushkin, Peterhof — and now these places are visited by thousands of tourists eager to enjoy beautiful parks and palaces.

If you want to find yourself in Russian Versaille, take great pictures of fountains, walk along the Great Palace hall and enjoy breathtaking views, your choice is Peterhof, with its famous Lower Park and Great Palace. Nature enthusiasts will fall in love with Pavlovsk and its park: it looks like a small forest and is a perfect combination of landscape design and wild nature. It is not usually as crowded as the other famous suburban parks, and it is possible to spend there the whole day: walking around calm paths, having a picnic on a lakeshore, riding a boat. 

One of the most popular places is Pushkin, with its famous Amber room restored in the Catherine Palace after World War II. Besides the palace, you can visit beautiful Catherine and Alexander parks, and even learn how to work with amber in a local workshop. 

Gatchina and Strelna are also full of entertainment for a historical tour or a suburban weekend.

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