Train stations in Saint Petersburg


Saint Petersburg is said to be one of themost beautiful cities and attracts many tourists every year. The transport inthe city is very easy and fast. Having already experienced the city and wantto check other cities of Russia it is the best way to travel by train. Mostpeople in Russia prefer the train. In Saint Petersburg, you will find five trainstations.


MoscowRailway Station

Address: 2Vosstaniya Sq.

The train station is situated in the citycenter (Ploshchad Vosstaniya) and actually the main train station in SaintPetersburg. You can reach it by metro easily (Ploshchad Vosstaniya andMayakovskaya). It has permanent routes to Moscow, North of Russia, the Urals,South of Russia, Novgorod, Central Asia, Caucasus and Crimea. Nicholas thefirst commissioned to build the train station by the architect Konstantin Thonin 1851.


BalticRailway Station

Address: 120Obvodnogo Kanala Emb.

The train station is located southwestwardsof the city center near the metro station Baltiskaya. The routes from thistrain station are only going to local places, not far from Saint Petersburg:Peterhof/Petrodvorets, Lomonosov and Gatchina.  The station was built in 1857 by the architectAlexander Krakau. Nowadays it is said to be one of the busiest train stationsin Russia.


VitebskRailway Station

Address: 52Zagorodny Ave.

The train station is situated next to themetro station Pushkinskaya. The routes go to Pushkin and Pavlovsk,South-West Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, and Central Europe. It opened in1837 by Nicholas the first and constructed by the architect Konstantin Thon.Actually, the first name of it was ‘Tsarskoe Selo’. At the train station, you mayfind an exhibition of a model of the first train which departed from there.


LadozhskyRailway Station

Address: 73Zanevsky Ave.

Located on the Neva river (Ladozhskayametro station) you can see the most modern and newest train station of the citywhich opened in 2003on occasion of the cities anniversary (300 years). Fromhere trains go to Northern Russia, Urals, Kazakhstan and Finland. The architectwho designed the railway station was Nikita Yavein.


FinlandRailway Station

Address: 6Lenina Sq.

The train station which is located near the metro Ploshchad Lenina has a lot of history. Lenin once arrived at this metro station to give a speech concerning the

October Revolution in 1917. The routes from here go to Vyborg, Repino and  Zelenogorsk and Finland.

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