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Krukov Canal, Saint Petersburg

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The Krukov Canal is one of the numerous artificial canals of St. Petersburg. Originally it was constructed for transportation purposes. It is 1015 meters long (3330 ft.) and carries the name of its constructor, Semyon Krukov. The canal flows between the Fontanka and Moyka Canals and intercepts with Griboedov Canal in the middle. There are a lot of descriptions of Krukov canal in the famous “Crime and Punishment” novel written by Fyodor Dostoevsky. If you take a boat tour along the Canal, you will get a chance to see a fascinating spot from which you will see 7 bridges at once. The only city on the planet that has a similar spot is Venice, Italy. Along the embankment of the Canal, you will see such remarkable buildings as the St. Nicolas Naval Cathedral and both buildings of the famous Mariinsky Theater.

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