Six best places for a date in Saint Petersburg


Honeymoon, wedding anniversary, a romantic date, or probably a proposal? Saint Petersburg knows everything about it, and we are happy to share the top list of the most romantic ideas to express your feelings in this beautiful city.

01A rooftop date

The panoramic view of Saint Petersburg is a special thing, and rooftop visiting is trendy summer fun for the local youth. Only several years ago, roof addicts collected and shared secret lists of the opened roofs, and life hacks for finding them. Today, it is more than easy to book a rooftop tour with a splendid view legally and even order a date organization with food, wine, and the instructor who will help you to get there.

A more straightforward thing to do is to visit an observation deck; you will not have a picnic there, of course, but the breathtaking altitude and the city panorama may also become your sweetest memory of your trip to Saint Petersburg. Such observation points are the Saint Isaac Cathedral, Saint Petersburg TV Tower, Azimut Hotel Sky Bar, The Ferris Wheel of the Divo Ostrov amusement park, Rooftop space of the Etagi complex.

02Watching stars

Seeing the night sky, together with your loved one, is the traditional way of sharing feelings. In Saint Petersburg, you can do this in two planetariums (near Gorkovskaya and Moskovskaya metro stations) or the Pulkovo Observatory in 19 kilometers from Saint Petersburg. There you can not only watch the celestial dome but also take part in group or private excursions.

There is some specialty for the Planetarium on Gorkovskaya metro station visitors: you can order a private session with the view of the planetary positions on your important date.

03Boat tour

No, we are not talking of the plain tourist boats you can see from any bank of the Neva River from May till late September. Surely, you can book a table in one of them that has live music and restaurants inside —but there’s a better plan. Private boats and yachts will take you wherever you want on your romantic cruise, and if you organize your date at night, you will see bridges drawing with your own eyes. Don’t you think nothing can be more romantic?

04Botanical Garden

A straightforward tip for a romantic walk in Saint Petersburg: any park in the city or its suburbs. Such places as Lower Park in Peterhof, or Summer Garden in the very heart of Saint Petersburg, or Pavlovsk park, looking more like a small forest sometimes. Yes, they are great, but what if you need something more peculiar? Or what if it is wintertime? The Botanical Garden, located within walking distance from Petrogradskaya metro station, is here to help you. All year-round, you can visit its large greenhouses with exotic plants, and in summer, you can stroll around its open-air blooming gardens.


Mutual activity creates a bonding experience, doesn’t it? Saint Petersburg has plenty of workshops for you and your partner to have an amazing creative date. Among the classes that will remind you of your Russian experience are the nesting dolls painting, drawing the landscapes of the city (don’t worry, no skills are needed!), or cooking the best dishes of Russian cuisine.

06Dinner In the Lighthouse

It is something that cannot leave anyone indifferent. The lighthouse in the suburb of Saint Petersburg will be decorated with rose petals, and inside, a romantic dinner is served. Watching the sunset, drinking Asti, and enjoying the views — isn’t it a dream date? For the extra fee, you can order a hotel room on the Ladoga Lake bank or have live music performed by a professional saxophonist.

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