Five tips for a romantic date in Moscow


Big city night lights, posh restaurants, quiet walks in isolated corners— there are plenty of ideas on giving a romantic touch to your trip. However, what specific things can a loving couple do in Moscow?

01Ostankino TV Tower

If you are not afraid of heights, then the highest possible date in Moscow is waiting for you. An unforgettable date can be organized in Ostankino TV tower, with its 337 meters high observation deck and the restaurant with the 360 degrees view dimension. While you are dining, the restaurant floor is going in a circle, and you can watch Moscow from the bird’s eye view and all sides of the TV Tower. If you prepare your date in advance, you can order a tour of the Ostankino Tower, a photoshoot, and a unique table decoration.

Please, note that you need to have a passport or any other identity verification document to enter the Tower and the restaurant.

02Troyka Riding in Kolomenskoye

Have you ever heard of Troyka riding, the very ancient Russian fun? Troyka is simply three horses harnessed in a cart. However, this old-fashioned vehicle is still a national symbol: being able to develop a speed up to 50 kilometers per hour, it reminds of Russian wild nature.

If you want to try this experience, the best place to do this is Kolomenskoye Park, the former Tzar residence with a great atmosphere of ancient Russia with excellent examples of wooden architecture.


The Planetarium is the best place to watch the night sky and stars in the daytime — and this is always a pleasure for the loving hearts. Moscow Planetarium, located near Barrikadnaya Metro station, offers standard star performance and welcomes its interactive science museum.

After the Planetarium, you can also visit the Moscow Zoo, located nearby.

04Picturesque views: Izmailovo and Kuskovo

If you a fan of nature and prefer long peaceful walks to restaurants or active tours, then the parks of Moscow are for you! Sure they look their best during summer and early autumn but are open all year round for visitors from all over the world.

What do you get there? Firstly, of course, the atmosphere of genuine Russian nature perfectly suits for strolling around and capturing tender moments. If the weather is warm, nothing better can be organized than a picnic in one of these places; in addition, both parks have boat stations, where you can rent a small boat for an hour or so.

What is more, both places have their gem. Thus, Izmailovo Park is located close to the Izmailovo market and Izmailovo Kremlin; both places are worth visiting, too, if you want to purchase worthy souvenirs or make colorful selfies with wooden buildings created in 16-17 centuries Russian architecture style. In Kuskovo, you can be acquainted with the palace and pavilions of the 18th century, making the place look more solemn.

05Boat trip: Radisson Cruise Flotilla

The main advantage of using the Radisson boats for a cruise of the Moscow river is that they operate worldwide. They offer tickets for different classes: just a seat in the 2nd class or a table in the 1st class where you can order dinner, drink a glass of champagne, and enjoy live music on board! There are daily departures in the morning and the afternoon from the Ukraine Hotel and Gorky Park.

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