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Winter Canal, Saint Petersburg

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City photos Winter Canal
City photos Winter Canal
City photos Winter Canal
The Winter Canal is one of the shortest canals in Saint Petersburg. Its length is just 228 meters (748 ft.) However, despite its length, the Winter Canal is one of the most picturesque spots in the city. If you take a stroll along its embankment, you will see 3 bridges (1st Winter Bridge, 2nd Winter Bridge, and the Hermitage Bridge), 2 buildings of the state Hermitage (the Old Hermitage and the Hermitage Theater), and 1 beautiful grand view on the Neva River panorama. However, the most fascinating thing on the Winter Canal embankment is an arch that hangs over the Canal and links The Old Hermitage Building with the Hermitage Theatre. The Winter Canal was built in the second decade of the 18th century and linked The Neva with the Moyka Canal. To fully appreciate the beauty of the canal, we recommend taking a boat tour.

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Saint-Petersburg is often referred to as Venice of the North. Like the Italian city, the Northern capital of Russia boasts wondrous architecture, splendid museums and vibrant lifestyle. Born from the sea foam and specifically designed as a gateway of

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