The Bank Bridge is one of the three suspension bridges preserved to the present time in St. Petersburg. The bridge became famous for its architectural design far beyond the city. 

In 1825, in front of the entrance to the Currency Bank via the Catherine Canal was built a suspension bridge. The bridge was designed by engineer Wilhelm von Tretter, the creator of a number of bridges over the Griboyedov Canal, Fontanka, and Moika Rivers. The angular sculptures of griffins by P.P. Sokolov brought special fame to the bridge. 

Chains that hold the bridge are fixed inside the four griffins arranged at the corners of the river crossing. They have become one of the symbols of St. Petersburg. Griffin wings are made ​​of copper and gilded. It is no mere chance that the Griffins appeared on this bridge, in front of one of the largest banks in the city. According to Greek mythology, griffins were reliable guardians of treasure. Therefore they were chosen as a decoration of the bridge in front of the bank.

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