Moscow, Golden Ring & St. Petersburg

Take an opportunity to see the most significant cities of Russian history just in one tour. A 12-day journey through the culture, art, and religion of our great country. Be informed that our guides will accompany you during all your journey, including your transfer to the airport and back, but also during the excursions all over the cities. Of course, before every excursion, our colleagues will assist you, every morning one of them will pick you up from the hotel’s lobby. Pay attention, they shall have a sign, so you won’t get confused.

Day 2. Moscow city tour. Optional tour to Tretiakov gallery
Day 3. Kremlin and cathedrals. Old Arbat. Metro.
Day 4. Vladimir
Day 5. Suzdal
Day 6. Kostroma and Yaroslavl
Day 7. Rostov the Great
Day 8. Saint Petersburg
Day 9. The Winter Palace
Day 10. Peterhof park and Great palace
Day 11. Pavlovsk and Gatchina

day 1 Arrival to Moscow

Your trip begins from the heart of the Russian Federation, its capital – Moscow. After transfer to the hotel just take your time to rest and get ready for the coming adventures in the next 12 days!

day 2 Moscow city tour. Optional tour to Tretiakov gallery

See how wakes up the heart of Russia and get its vibes, please don’t skip your breakfast at the hotel, you will need much energy. On this day you will enjoy the sublimities of Moscow. Learn about the city, its origin, and history. For some of those who won’t be tired by the end of the city tour, we may recommend visiting The State Tretyakov Gallery, which owns the largest collections of Russian fine art.

day 3 Kremlin and cathedrals. Old Arbat. Metro.

First of all, you will visit the Kremlin museum. Enjoy Arkhangelsky, Uspensky, and Annunciation cathedrals on its territory. As soon as you finish with the tour of Cathedrals, we will accompany you to one of the most charming streets in Moscow – Old Arbat Street. Afterward, you will have an exciting tour of the Moscow metro. You will have enough to see all the beauties and to take plenty of pictures. The day will end with a quick transfer back to your hotel.

day 4 Vladimir

We will lead you to the most spiritual route of our country – The Golden Ring of Russia. You will see the splendor architecture of temples and monasteries, get acquainted with the art of iconography which is an essential part of the Eastern Orthodox Church.

The first stop will be in Vladimir, one of the oldest Russian cities. The city tour of Vladimir takes just 3 hours, during which you will see the main symbols of the city such as the Golden Gate, Dmitrievsky, and Uspensky Cathedral. Of course, you will have an opportunity to go to the local museum just right around the cathedrals. As the town is small enough, we will move along to Suzdal, where you will have a sleepover.

day 5 Suzdal

What can be better than waking up in a fairytale? The architecture of Suzdal will charm you. After breakfast in the comfy hotel, our guide will pick you up for a city tour. So pick up your baggage with you and move along to the new horizons. During the tour, you will visit several monasteries. Also, we will guide you to the white-stoned Kremlin of Suzdal. Take a look at the variety of collections of old icons, unique objects of decorative arts and crafts made ages before our nativity. In the evening will transfer you to Kostroma city, where you will have a good sleep at the hotel.

day 6 Kostroma and Yaroslavl

This day you will see two cities. In Kostroma, you will have a city tour and visit the fire tower. Then you will be amazed by the exquisiteness of the twelve-dome church of Christ Ressurection.

Then you will move to the magnificent city Yaroslavl which is located right on a high bank of the Volga river. Again splendid architecture and mesmerizing monuments will take your attention. You will visit the Transfiguration monastery. Then our guide will take you to the first stone churches in the city - the Church of Elijah the Prophet and the Church of Nicola Idein. As the city is located right on the bank, you will have an occasion to walk along it enjoying the power and beauty of nature. After such a long day, we will be glad to take you to your hotel, where you may relax and prepare for the adventures of the next day.

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day 7 Rostov the Great

After breakfast, you will meet our guide and travel to Rostov the Great. The city is an open-air -museum showing off all the treasures of Russian national culture, history, and religion. You will visit Rostov’s Kremlin which is the masterpiece of the architecture of its kind. You will also see the Uspenskiy Cathedral. After the guided tour we will return to Moscow and get an overnight train to Saint Petersburg.

day 8 Saint Petersburg

Breaking in a new day and new city we are happy to announce that you’ve just arrived at the second capital of Russia! The cultural heart of Russia will welcome you with its sightseeing tour including the most important buildings and monuments. Walkthrough the majestic streets and palaces which used to belong to the most notable Tsars Dynasty. After that, we will accompany you to the hotel.

day 9 The Winter Palace

Get ready to visit one of the largest museums in the world – the State Hermitage. It’s got one of the biggest collections of different showpieces from each part of our planet. Together with the Hermitage, your excursion includes a tour of the Winter Palace. We believe that after seeing all the majesty you will feel a tsar yourself as well.

day 10 Peterhof park and Great palace

It is time to see one of the most desired towns in the suburbs – Peterhof. Visit the Great Palace of Peterhof, we are sure, becomes for you the pearl of the day’s excursion. The Royal family’s residence will impress you with its luxury. Make sure you have not run out of memory on your device, as you will take many pictures.

day 11 Pavlovsk and Gatchina

Pavlovsk and Gatchina are considered to be very cozy suburbs of Saint Petersburg. Take a look at the wonderful nature and constructions which match so well making a gorgeous landscape of Pavlovsk. Enjoy huge walls, big castles, and beautiful towers of Gatchina which should remind you of the medieval town. Having a wonderful passage on fresh air we will bring you back to Saint Petersburg, where you may have your spare time on your own.

day 12 Departure transfer

Your last day on our tour is over. Our driver will take you to the airport (or the railway station). We hope you enjoyed this 12-day adventure with us. If you have got some free time we kindly remind you to make sure the souvenirs were bought for everyone. We think you should share this experience with your family and friends. Hope to see you again!

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