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State Historical Museum, Moscow

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City photos State Historical Museum
City photos State Historical Museum
City photos State Historical Museum
The Historical Museum was founded by an order of the emperor Alexander II in the 1872. The project of its construction was designed by architects Shervud and Semenov. The museum building stands in the most center of Moscow – on the Red Square, facing Saint Basil's Cathedral and was being constructed in period from the 1876 to 1881. State Historical Museum is the main national museum in Russia. Here you can find historical artifacts and monuments since ancient till modern times. It's the largest cultural and science center. Historical Museum completed its final exposure in the 2006. There are 39 halls located on two floors where history of Russia is represented from the oldest days to the beginning of 20th century. The exhibition starts at the second floor. Here you will find exhibits on different periods of Russia history: primitive community, Ancient Russia, fragmentation period, struggle with foreign invaders, merging of the country, its culture and exploration of Sibir. Exhibition about Russia history of period since Peter I era: politics, culture and economics of Russian Empire - is situated on the third floor. The collection of State Historical Museum consists of archeological findings, manuscripts, early printed books, ancient icons, weaponry and jewelry, glass and ceramics masterpieces, examples of national clothing and many others objects. Here you can also find belongings of Tsars such as Ivan IV the Terrible, Peter I and the belongings of the representatives of the House of Romanov. Those who like painting will be pleased to watch work of many famous painters. There are nearly 22 thousand objects on the area of 4 thousand meters and to walk around the whole exhibition one should overcome more almost 3 km.

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