Moscow Gems

If you have limited time, but want to enjoy all the most famous places in Moscow, this tour will perfectly suit you — especially if you visit the Russian capital for the first time. You will see the most famous Russian Kremlin, the official presidential residence, and a great architectural complex with big historical and cultural importance. Besides, you can ride the Moscow metro to see beautiful world-famous metro stations in your own eyes and walk around a historic pedestrian street Old Arbat.

The Moscow Metro
The Moscow Kremlin
The Diamond Fund
Saint Basil's Cathedral
Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

09:00 AM The Moscow Metro

ico 2 hours
ico The Moscow Metro

Meet the guide at your hotel or near a metro station. Your tour starts with the tour of the Moscow metro and its most beautiful stations: Revolution Square, Novoslobodskaya, Komsomolskaya, Teatralnaya, and Mayakovskaya.

11:00 AM Arbat

ico 2 hours

At the end of the Metro excursion, you will exit the metro to walk pedestrian Arbat street that has multiple souvenir shops, cafes, restaurants, and photo spots. It is the oldest street in Moscow and has remained one of its symbols for many years.

01:00 PM The Moscow Kremlin

ico 2 hours
ico The Moscow Kremlin

Your next destination is the main Moscow square: the Red Square and Moscow Kremlin, a large red-stoned fortress that was founded approximately 4,000 years ago and now serves as the main President's residence. Inside, you will walk around Kremlin's territory and visit two cathedrals on your choice.

03:00 PM The Diamond Fund

ico 1 hour
ico The Moscow Kremlin

Before you leave Kremlin, visit the Diamond Fund, a unique collection of precious metals and stones. The exhibition holds more than a hundred items formerly owned by Russian emperors.

04:00 PM Saint Basil's Cathedral

ico 1 hour
ico The Moscow Kremlin, Red Square

The building of Saint Basil's Cathedral is genuinely impressive: it consists of nine churches combined in one complex; each church has a unique dome making the overall look extraordinary and eye-catching. Inside, you will see a rich collection of relics and icons.

05:00 PM Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

ico 2 hours
ico 15 Volkhonka St.

Another important Orthodox church is located about two kilometers from Red Square, so you may opt for a walking tour to stroll down the Moscow River embankment and enjoy city views on your way. In fact, it is the main Russian cathedral, where the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia conducts divine services and it is also attractive from the cultural and architectural point of view.

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