Koenigsberg Cathedral


Koenigsberg Cathedral is one of the city's landmarks located in the historical center called Immanuel Kant Island. Before the church reform of the 16th century was the main Catholic Cathedral of Koenigsberg and the primary Lutheran cathedral in Prussia.

After Koenigsberg became a part of the Soviet Union in 1946, the cathedral was an object of cultural heritage. Currently, it is one of the few Gothic-style architecture buildings in Russia. In 2007, it was a challenger for the Seven wonders of Russia award, and later in 2008 was titled the main symbol of the Kalinigrad and Kaliningrad region.

The cathedral's territory keeps a grave of Kant; it was located in the chapel, specially constructed for maintaining the grave. Unfortunately, the chapel had been in poor shape since World War I, so it was replaced by a new building: a column hall with a stone casket inside. The whole construction contrasts a lot with the overall view of the cathedral, but it doesn't spoil the general view of the ensemble.

Inside the cathedral, there are Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox chapels; besides, you can visit a museum dedicated to the cathedral's history and Immanuel Kant's museum. There is also a concert hall inside.

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