This unusual house looking like a tube with geometric windows is quite a unique building, as long as it’s not only apartment but a studio as well. It was built by the outstanding Russian architect Konstantin Stepanovich Melnikov, for him and for his family. He had been dreaming about the separate individual house, and often thought about rebuilding of some other house. But little by little he came up with an idea of the innovative house, which might combine the creative atmosphere with a family comfort because he didn’t realize himself without this.

He managed to build this house in the end of the 1920s, and the project was experimental because Melnikov tried to test the idea of round house. It caused a lot of controversy at the time of construction, and later it was a topic for discussion of subsoil waters influence on the building, but in 2014, the Melnikov House was opened as a part of Konstantin and Victor Melnikov Museum. It can be visited only with an excursion group, after prior registration.

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