The Pertsova, or Pertsov House, is built in modernism style and depicts the aspiration to have both architecture and art combined. It was built from 1905 to 1907 after the Kazan nobleman Pyotr Pertsov was inspired by the house with a view to the Kremlin which belonged to the collector Ivan Evmeniyevich Tsvetkov. Tsvetkov promised him to have some land for Pertsov as well if he would build the house in Russian style, similar to his own, decoration of which was based on the project by the famous Russian painter Victor Vasnetsov.

Pertsov began construction and managed the whole process himself. He initiated the competition, in which actually Victor Vasnetsov won. But Pertsov liked the proposition of Sergei Malyutin, the author of the painting of the first Russian Matryoshka doll. The front side of this fairytale house resembles Russian teremok. It has a lot of mythical creatures and Old Russian motifs. It’s called the Pertsova House because Pyotr Pertsov made his wife the owner. In this house different famous artists, such as Alexander Kuprin, Robert Falk, or Vasily Rozhdestvensky, created their works. This house was even called “the Moscow Montparnasse” for it.

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