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Ostankino TV tower, Moscow

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City photos Ostankino TV tower
City photos Ostankino TV tower
City photos Ostankino TV tower
Ostankino TV tower in Moscow is TV and radio translating tower with height of 540 meters. It's the fourth high tower in the world. But still it's the highest tower in Europe and Asia. The decision to build tv tower was made in 1957. For quality reception of radio signal the aerial must have been located on the height not less than 380 meters. Tv Tower was being constructed since the 1963 till the 1967. The main architect was Batalov. Broadcasting of 4 tv channels and 3 radio channels began on the 5th of November 1967. Ostankino TV Tower was the highest tower in the world on that moment. If you go for a tour inside of the TV center you'll know about history of creation of Ostankino TV Tower, about its architecture and technical capabilities. Also you'll use the speed-elevator to get to viewpoint for 58 seconds to the height of 337 meters. There you can use binoculars and spyglasses to watch splendid view of Moscow.

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