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Boulevard ring, Moscow

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Boulevar ring is an unbroken chain of streets in the Central district of Moscow and includes 10 boulevards. Despite its name ring is not complete – on the map it looks as a horseshoe cause it is bounded by Moscow river at the south side. The length of the Boulevard ring is more than 9 km. The city had grown in the end of the 18th century and the wall around the White city lost its defence role. The boulevards were established on the wall's place in the 1770-1780 after it was dismantled. The names of many squares between boulevards remind about the wall. By the 800 years anniversary of foundation of Moscow on the Boulevard ring were planted more than 4 thousand trees and 13 thousand bushes in the 1947. The Boulevard ring was announced as a monument of gardening art in the 1978. Boulevard ring consists of Gogolevsky boulevard, Nikitsky boulevard, Petrovsky boulevard, Rozhdestvensky boulevard, Sretensky boulevard, Strastnoy boulevard, Tverskoy boulevard, Chistoprudny boulevar, Pokrovsky and Yauzsky boulevard. Gogolevsky boulevard This boulevard was established after the 1812. It begins at the Prechistinskie Vorota Square. In the end of Gogolevsky boulevard the monument of writer Gogol stands, surrounded by beautiful old-fashioned lanterns with lions. Nikitsky boulevard Nikitsky boulevard appeared in Moscow soon after the 1812 fire. There's apartments of Gogol in house number 7 in which he lived until his death in the 1852. Nowadays there's a Gogol's City Library in this building, and a museum in his apartments. Sretensky boulevard Sretensky boulevard is the most shortest boulevard in Moscow with length of 214 meters. On the left side there's is house number 6/1 built by architect Proskurin. French architect Le Corbusie considered this building the most beautiful one in Moscow. Tverskoy boulevard Tverskoy boulevard was built in the 1796 by the architect Karin. It's the longest boulevard on the Boulevard ring. Chistoprudny boulevard Chistoprudny boulevard is the second long boulevard after Tverskoy one. The famous Chistie Prudy (“Clean ponds”) are situated here. To the right you can see an Archangel alley where Archangel Gavriil Church stands, it was built by an order of Menshikov in the 18th century.

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