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The centipede house on Begovaya Street, Moscow

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Originally, this building might have become a hotel for the 1980 Summer Olympics’ guests. It should be built near the Khimki water reservoir but it was decided to move this house to the city center. Due to the fact it must have been just put it in, unplanned, the architect Andrei Meyerson, inspired by works of the famous French modernist and functionalist architect Le Corbusier, decided to add twenty pairs of ‘legs’ - for extra ventilation, because even then, at the end of 1970s, Begovaya Street was already quite a busy street with hard traffic and, as a result, a large amount of combustion gases. However, later this house was turned to be the living quarters for those who worked at the machine-building plant “Znamya Truda” and was in charge of constructing the planes, so sometimes it is called “The House of the Aviators”. The construction may seem quite fragile, but in fact it’s very safe. This house makes unexpected impression when you just walk by and see it. But it’s not the only one in Moscow. The house similar to it is located at the VDNKh, almost in front of the “Worker and Kolkhoz Woman” statue.