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Karetny Ryad Street, Moscow

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Karetny Ryad is a street in the Central Administrative District of Moscow. The street runs from the Middle Karetny Lane to the Sadovo-Karetnaya Street. Karetny Ryad Street runs from the south-east to north-west between Malaya Dmitrovka Street and Tsvetnoy Boulevard. It is a continuation of Petrovka Street, Uspensky Lae and Middle Karetny Lane are the border of Petrovka and Karetny Streets. The street is named for craftsmen, manufacturing carriages and carts living there in the XVII-XVIII centuries. Until the end of XVIII century the street was part of Petrovska Street and part of the road from the Kremlin along Vysokopetrovsky monastery to the Sushchev village. At the turn of the XVIII and XIX centuries the street separated from Petrovka Street and was named Telezhnaya Street, and from the beginning of the XIX century — the Karetny Ryad. During the fire of 1812, Karetnaya settlement was completely burned, in the XIX century, masters of cartwright did not live there any longer, but on the tradition trade of carriages took place on Karetny Ryad. The street was a prestigious place of residence, the houses there were built by rich merchants and nobles. Since 1865 there was a factory, manufacturing wagons, in the street. In 1894, there was laid a Hermitage Garden along the left side of the street. In 1896, there was shown the movie for the first time in the open-air Hermitage Garden in Moscow.

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