Resurrection Monastery


The Resurrection Monastery located not far away from the Volga bank in Luzhniki was established in the 14th century. The remained constructions were erected in the 17th century in the time of the Rostov Metropolitan Jonah in honor of his sojourn in the Resurrection Monastery when he took the vows.

The architectural ensemble of the monastery, like all the constructions made by the commission of Jonah, was designed as a town-cloister. It is comprised of the five-domed Resurrection Cathedral with side-chapels, a three-bay bell tower with a passage gate leading into the inner ward, the single-domed church of Maria the Egyptian, positioned under the bell tier, and a refectory chamber with the church of Virgin Hodegetria and a clock-tower above.

All the constructions have the same foundation (a tall ground-story) and are connected by a gallery. The buildings comprising this imposing ensemble are amply ornate with insertions of green tiles inscribed with fairy animals and double-headed eagles, along with scenes of heroic defense from Polish interventionists in the 17th century. The monastery ensemble amazed passing-by travelers coming into town from the Moscow side.

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